1. Download Cash App

Cash App is available on the App Store or Google Play Store.



2. Sign up

Use a phone number or email address. Enter your name when prompted.



3. Link a payment method

You can add a bank account or debit card.



4. Get a Cashtag

Choose your unique cashtag, which is the name at which you’ll be able to receive funds. Get your referral code to earn a bonus whenever friends sign up, then continue. Congratulations, you now have Cash App!



5. Go to Home Screen

Next, you’ll be taken to the Cash App Request/Pay screen. Along the bottom, from left to right, are tabs for Home, Cash Card, Request/Pay, Investing, and History. To buy bitcoin, you’ll first need to verify your identity. To do so, tap on the Home tab (left).

Then select Tap on “Bitcoin”, just below Deposits & Transfers (right).



6. Get Verified

You’ll be prompted to verify your identity. You’ll need to enter your full name and Social Security Number.

Cash App is required to follow FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) compliance rules and adhere to AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer) regulations. This process can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a day. You will receive a notification when verification is complete.



7. Choose Investment Type

Once approved, tap on the Investing tab. You can buy stocks on Cash App, but you’re here to invest in the future of money, so tap on bitcoin.



8. Buy Bitcoin

You’ll see a chart of bitcoin’s recent performance. To get your piece of it, click Buy (left).

For this tutorial, we’ll buy five dollars’ worth of BTC, but Cash App’s weekly purchase limit is $100,000. You can also set up recurring purchases to DCA (dollar cost average) into bitcoin (circled in green, right). Then click next (circled in red, right).



9. Confirm Order

After you input your desired USD value of Bitcoin, click next (left).

You will see an overview of your order outlining the amount of BTC, the current spot price, fees to be paid, and the amount in satoshis you will receive. Tap confirm to buy your BTC (right).



10. View Wallet Balances

Once processed, select “done” (left).

You can view your bitcoin holdings in the Home tab. Here you can also see your wallet address, which you will need to transfer any bitcoin in from an external wallet. Click on Deposit Bitcoin (right).



11. Withdraw Bitcoin

Finally, we will withdraw our bitcoin to an external address which is recommended with all Bitcoin purchasing - you should hold the coins yourself.

Just enter the total amount of Bitcoin you have on deposit and select “Withdraw” (right). You can also deposit bitcoin to sell back to Cash app using the deposit screen (left), but that is for another article.



From here, you will give Cash App your wallet address.


Steps to withdraw bitcoin from your Cash App

  1. Open the Cash App on your device and choose the preferred mode Bitcoin.
  2. Make sure that you have sufficient Bitcoin balance in your Cash App wallet.
  3. Select the deposit address of the person you would like to send the Bitcoin.
  4. In the Bitcoin balance section, select the withdraw button on Cash App.
  5. Mention the required Bitcoin figure you would like to send eh like 0.5, 1,1.5 etc
  6. If you have the  deposit address of the person you would like to send the Bitcoin you need to select ‘enter manually’. You need to enter the address manually or copy and paste the address. You need to double check the details as you will lose the money if you have done it wrongly.
  7. Confirm your wallet PIN or Touch ID.