Our History


Maxellant is a multi-national financial broker. Our company is made up of industry professionals who work all to achieve one goal, "SUCCESS". And also allocating money in the expectation of some benefit in the future.

We put our investors first as their success means our growth and expansion. Over the years, we've been investing in various markets including Forex, NFP & the Synthetic indices Market.

Maxellant has been in the finance industry for a few years and the experience gathered overtime puts us ahead in the race. We can help you attain financial success in both on a short or long term investment. Our investment plans are well structured to suit all kinds of investors, either on a small scale or on a large scale, we got you covered.


  • The story of Maxellant starts in 2007

Virebells group, the founding company, was established with a mission to make online investment accessible to the masses. The Group has since rebranded and evolved, but its founding mission remains unchanged.

Our evolution is powered by over 15years of customer focus and innovation.

  • First office presence 2008

Virebells group now Maxellant opens its first office in Poland. The first FX investors with the company are now shareholders.

  • Recognitions 2012

The company also earns the Investors Chronicle award for Best Customer Communication Firm’, a recognition for the platform’s ethical and customer-focused investment experience.

  • Expansion   2013

The company opens a second office and makes a presence in Uk then the address:Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom

  • Continued Expansion 2015

Offices are opened in Singapore and Switzerland to support our growth.

  • Rebranded as MAXELLANT 2017

The Malta Financial Services Authority grants Maxellant a Category 3 Investment Services license. The license authorises MAXELLANT to offer our service to clients in the European Union as a financial product. With a new office presence in Malta address:Portomaso Business Tower, floor 15, Saint Julian's,Vjal Portomaso STJ, Malta.

  • Happy as one big investment family 2020

We celebrate 15 years of innovation and growth! Inspired by our clients who are driven to success, At Maxellant we promise to serve you better. Through our various portfolios and certified traders we have constantly helped our investors live their dreams to the fullest. Be rest assured that with our continuous rebranding & expansion, we are sure to bank your long-term or short-term investments with added profits.

  • Our Numbers

Everyone has their own goals. A dream home. Children’s education. A trip to the moon. No matter what your goals are, Maxellant works hard to help you reach them.

Years of experience 15 years +

Investment accounts 65k +

Team members 250+

Countries 65+

Corporate offices 5


Backed by global partners

We put our investors first as their success means our growth and expansion. Over the years, we've been investing in various markets including Forex, Synthetic Indices and NFP. We are backed by top insurance companies to ensure investors safety.

Investing with Maxellant was the best financial decision we made. They explained their investment strategy and even provided us with an opportunity to see one of their properties first-hand before we committed to investing. They were always prompt and detailed when answering our questions assuring us that our investment was safe in their hands. They are impeccable with their organization of multiple investment properties, meeting every scheduled timeline. They constantly provide updates with photos and invite us out to see the property anytime we want. This level of transparency has not only increased our confidence in Maxellant but also ensured that we would continue our investments with Maxellant for years to come.

Jason andrew Private investor

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maxellant. They explained their entire investment strategy along the way, and assured me that my investment was safe with them. They certainly came through on their promise, as I received a nice return within the time frame that was promised. They were extremely prompt on any questions I had, and provided me updates along the way. Working with them was definitely a smart choice as they are extremely professional. If you want to make a nice return with your money, I would recommend working with Maxellant!

Russell Williams Business owner

Maxellant was extremely professional. Not only did they offer a high return on my investment during a short period of time, but they were prompt, assisted me on my taxes, and thoroughly answered all my questions. I definitely recommend purchasing Maxellant portfolio.

Daniel Housing Agent

Since we started investing with Maxellant, we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead. In addition, we have seen gains in our portfolio in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator. Our meetings are consultative and personal with all decisions made after full discussion and clear explanation.

Brandon Hart Former Proprietor

Maxellant has been a safe and reliable segment of my portfolio. Having completed several successful transactions, I have come to expect timely communication and effortless transactions which have provided reliable returns on my investments. The ability to send funds directly into escrow and return of funds exactly as promised has given me a high degree of confidence in the operations and I look forward to continued opportunities to do business with Maxellant.

Stephen Private Investor