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Trader cheifkeef

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Trader is not online now. Last seen 5 months ago . Thats mean if you make trade request maybe will take more than 20 minutes.

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Terms of trade

1.Tell me card face value.denomination as:100x2, 50x4
2.upload clearly picture.Complete picture.card must show the amount completely.Don't send me the expired cards, or i will not pay you.
3:waiting for me to check your card, and then give you to release bitcoin
4.i only need $100 and less face value can not accept $101-#500 Denomination,100 above the face value i will not pay any cost
5.Contact me first before you upload the picture, till i can accept your offer. if you upload without contact me first, i will not afford any responsible to it.
6.Card if correct, i will be 1-15 minutes and ten minutes to release bitcoin
7.if card has already been redeemed, you are in dispute, you need to provide invoice and redemtion details
!!!!!!!!!!!NOTE:Each card should be more than $100 and send me claer pics
Brother, start our happy deal